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Monday, April 16, 2012

Kate Winslet’s Breasts Not Shown in 3D ‘Titanic’ in China

“Titanic” is one of the biggest blockbusters in history, and the 3D re-release of the film is a big hit in China, but one of the most iconic scenes has been altered by government censors.

The scene in which Leonardo DiCaprio’s character, Jack, sketches a nude Rose — played by Kate Winslet — has been edited so that the actress’ bare breasts are not shown.

Fans will remember that Winslet’s breasts are uncovered in the original. The film was first released in 1997 and became one of the highest-grossing movies ever.

Chinese fans of the movie aren’t happy about the censorship.

“I’ve been waiting almost 15 years, and not for the 3D icebergs,” one disgruntled fan wrote in a widely forwarded microblog post, according to a report in China Daily.

In a statement, China’s State Administration of Radio, Film and Television explained the reason for the censorship — and it wasn’t due to an aversion to nakedness.

“Considering the vivid 3D effects, we fear that viewers may reach out their hands for a touch and thus interrupt other people’s viewing. We’ve decided to cut off the nudity scenes,” the agency said

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The top 10 countries for 2010

Want a sneak peek into the future?

We’ve just released our newest edition of Best in Travel. We’re delighted at the attention it’s getting, so we’ll share some of the hot lists inside – and get your thoughts.

To start with a bang, here’s our list of the ten hottest countries for next year – and why.

El Salvador
El Salvador sneaks up on you: in lefty lounge bars in San Salvador, at sobering war memorials and museums, and along lush cloud-forest trails; it’s a place of remarkable warmth and intelligence, made all the more appealing for being so unexpected. Travellers tend to skip El Salvador, wooed by marquee destinations such as Guatemala and Costa Rica, and unnerved by stories of civil war and gang violence. But the war ended almost 20 years ago, and crime, while serious, is almost exclusively played out between rival gangs; tourists are virtually never involved. And though El Salvador has fewer protected areas than its neighbours, you get them practically to yourself – including pristine forests, active volcanoes and alpine lakes.

Some countries are simply allowed to be, but Germany has had to reinvent itself more times than Madonna. And it has done so again since 1990, when reunification brought an end to more than four decades of division (thanks for the correction, conetop!). In year 20 after its latest rebirth, Germany is still a country where you can witness history in the making. Head to Hamburg, where an entire new quarter is being wrested from the detritus of a 19th-century harbour. Or to Dresden, where the domed Frauenkirche church is once again the diamond in the shining tiara that is the city’s famous skyline. And, of course, to Berlin, whose climate of openness spawns more creative experimentation than a Petri dish on Viagra.

Seldom does a travel destination satisfy the blurbs that shout ‘has something for everyone’ - but Greece truly does. Whether you’re there to poke around ancient ruins, soak in the sun on idyllic beaches, or party till you drop, Greece will leave you clamouring for more. It’s guilt-free travel – a slice of history served alongside a healthy slice of hedonism – and everyone seems happy. You get to marvel at the dazzling clarity of the light and the waters, the floral aromas that permeate the air, the pervading sense of spirit – and then sit down to contemplate it all while consuming that great Greek combination of ouzo and octopus!

Malaysia often gets criticised as being mild in comparison with its grittier neighbours, Thailand and Indonesia. It’s true, natural disasters and coups only seem to happen across its borders, the roads don’t have too many potholes, buses and trains have air-con and plush seats, and hotels are of international standard. While troubles are few, visiting Malaysia lets you leap into the jaws of one of the most interesting parts of Southeast Asia’s roaring cultural smorgasbord – and not be too worried about it. Cheap connections to Europe and great exchange rates mean that you won’t get eaten up by your wallet either.

‘Hello, bonjour, salaam alaykum, labes?’ Street greetings sum up everything you need to know about Morocco in a word: it’s Berber and Arab, Muslim and secular, Mediterranean and African, worldly wise and welcoming. Morocco sees how the Middle East is portrayed via satellite news and the internet, and is as concerned with violent threats and abuses of power as anyone else in the modern world. But as you’ll see, most Moroccans are plenty busy working to get by, get their kids through school and greet the king’s planned 10 million visitors by 2010 with the utmost hospitality. Every visitor helps Moroccans realise these goals by creating new economic opportunities, and can make a Moroccan’s day by returning the greeting: ‘Hello, good day, may peace be upon you, are you happy?’

But for the Himalaya, Nepal would probably be stuck in the shadow of India – but it’s hard to cast a shadow on a country that includes the highest point on earth, the summit of Mt Everest. Over the last decade, Nepal has seen its share of troubles, but 2008 was a watershed year – the rebels became the government, the kingdom became a republic and the king became a civilian. With the fall of the monarchy, the sound of temple bells has replaced the stomp of army boots and peace has returned to Shangri-La.

New Zealand
Recommending New Zealand’s too obvious, right? You’re looking for something a bit edgier, under the radar or further off the beaten track. But there’s wisdom in the old saying, ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fi x it’, and last time we checked the land of Maori and hobbits certainly didn’t need repairing. NZ’s checklist of essential experiences remains as strong as ever. Spectacular landscapes abound, from sea-level rainforests to plunging glaciers, geothermal springs and barren volcanic plains. Add a hearty pinch of lens-friendly wildlife, proud Maori culture, and fine food and drink, and it’s easy to see why the natives are so chilled.

Skirting along the southwestern edge of the Iberian Peninsula, the once-great seafaring nation of Portugal today straddles two very different worlds. For purists, this is a land of great tradition, of saints-day festivals where ox-drawn carts still lumber through flower-strewn streets, and ancient vineyards bring sleepy medieval villages to life during the annual harvest. Meanwhile, in other parts of the country, something decidedly more modern is transpiring. Old city centres, long ago abandoned by the young and upwardly mobile in favour of the suburbs, are slowly being revitalised. A new wave of boutiques, art galleries and cafes are finding new homes in once crumbling old buildings, and locals are beginning to rediscover the allure of vibrant downtown areas.

South America’s smallest country, both in area and population, is easily one of its most diverse. Some three quarters of Suriname’s people are descended from Chinese, Javanese and Indian labourers that arrived in the 18th century, and West African slaves in the 17th. Add indigenous Amerindians and Lebanese, Jewish and Dutch settlers, and you have the makings for a lot of ethnic tension, right? Fortunately, wrong. Suriname is known for its peacefully coexisting cultures, most emblematically represented by the country’s biggest mosque and synagogue situated side by side in the capital Paramaribo. With everyone speaking different languages, celebrating different holidays and worshipping in different temples, visiting Suriname is really like hitting several countries at once.

Suddenly the USA is cool again! Be it from Barack Obama, Abraham Lincoln’s 200th birthday last year, or just tightened budgets during the recession, but more Americans (even hipsters) are looking backwards – and foreigners too – and taking in traditional American historical sites, beginning with Washington DC’s freebie zone of museums and heroic monuments.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Ellen DeGeneres quits Idol

Ellen DeGeneres has quit 'American Idol', while Kara DioGuardi has reportedly been sacked.

The talk show host decided to quit her judging role after just one season because it wasn't the "right fit" for her, while the pretty songwriter is said to have been asked to leave as part of a shakeup of the programme following head judge Simon Cowell's departure.

Explaining her departure in a statement, Ellen said: "A couple months ago, I let FOX and the 'American Idol' producers know that this didn't feel like the right fit for me. I told them I wouldn't leave them in a bind and that I would hold off on doing anything until they were able to figure out where they wanted to take the panel next. It was a difficult decision to make, but my work schedule became more than I bargained for.

"I also realized this season that while I love discovering, supporting and nurturing young talent, it was hard for me to judge people and sometimes hurt their feelings. I loved the experience working on Idol and I am very grateful for the year I had, I am a huge fan of the show and will continue to be."

Meanwhile, gossip website TMZ reports that the show will return to having just three judges, with Jennifer Lopez and Aerosmith star Steven Tyler favorites to join Randy Jackson.

The website states: "Sources connected with the 'American Idol' negotiations tell TMZ Kara DioGuardi has judged her last contestant on 'American Idol' - because she's been fired.

"We're told the show will be going back to a three-judge format and assuming all deals are finalized, the judge's panel will consist of Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler.

"We're told the only way Kara could get a reprieve is if the J-Lo deal falls apart - but we're told that deal is done."

Singer-and-actress Jennifer has reportedly been in talks with show boss Simon Fuller for several weeks.

Cheryl Cole thanks doctors

Cheryl Cole has thanked doctors for "saving her life".

The 'Fight for This Love' singer was struck down with malaria earlier this month and has now paid tribute to the team of doctors and nurses who treated her, saying without them she might not be alive.

She told experts at the Hospital for Tropical Diseases at University College London: "I want to say how grateful I am for everything you guys have done. I wouldn't be here now if it wasn't for you."

The pop star is now planning to make a donation to the NHS medical centre to show staff just how appreciative she is of their help.

An insider told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "It's something she's given serious thought to. She's so grateful for their expertise and care. The situation was looking very bleak at one point.

"Her blood count was dangerously low, she had fluid on her lungs and she was jaundiced. But she was in the best possible place. The doctors there are first class and Cheryl knew afterwards she virtually owes her life to them."

Cheryl, 27, has been holed up in her Surrey mansion for the past few weeks recovering, although she made her first trip out this week to a local Starbucks coffee shop.

Her rumored boyfriend Derek Hough has been getting her back to full strength by cooking the petite star an array of tasty treats from his home country America, including his specialty macaroni and cheese.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "Derek's been brilliant during her recovery. He's been really hands on, treating her to his home cooking. His signature dish is mac n' cheese, which has been the favorite in Cheryl's home. Even mum Joan's a fan."

The pair arrived at Los Angeles International Airport last night (29.07.10), where the Girls Aloud star is believed to be continuing her recuperation before rejoining the judging panel on Simon Cowell's pop star search 'The X Factor'.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Rachel Nichols Picture and Biohraphy

Rachel Michele Nichols (née Alexander, born October 18, 1973) is an ESPN reporter, who covers breaking news and events for SportsCenter. She also contributes investigative pieces and human-interest features for SportsCenter and Outside the Lines. Nichols is a regular part of ESPN's Sunday NFL Countdown and Monday Night Countdown shows, as well as a regular on ESPN's NBA coverage. She has previously worked for the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel (1995-1996) and Washington Post (1996-2004). She has been at ESPN since 2004.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Kate Moss's leap of faith

Kate Moss and her new bezzy mate Lily Allen certainly looked a Brit of all right as they took the plunge in the Med.

The two stars delighted onlookers as they frolicked in matching green and blue bikinis off the coast of St Tropez.

Supermodel Kate, 35, dared singer Lily to match her daring leap from the sun deck of their luxury yacht.

And gutsy Lily, 24, didn’t disappoint, hurling herself into the sea as Kate’s daughter Lila Grace, six, looked on.

Kate has been widely credited for Lily’s svelte new look. A friend revealed: “Kate’s told Lily to try the ‘rock chick’ diet – coffee, cigarettes, vodka and champagne.”

It’s enough to make anyone Smile.

Heather Mills should get a stylist

Just look at Heather Mills in her bikini top and crazy sarong as she shops in New York this week.

Yes, you heard me correctly... not a beach – SHOPPING!

And while we’re at it – is she morphing into Sarah Harding?

Get a stylist.

Victoria Beckham: I Want to Be the "Nice Judge" on Idol

Victoria Beckham doesn't feel guilty about filling Paula Abdul's seat at the judges' table during American Idol's Denver auditions on Friday.

"You know, I don't," she told Ryan Seacrest in an interview on his KIIS-FM radio show this morning. "I'm a spiritual person, and I believe you get back what you put out there, and I hope she does something that's bigger and better, and I hope she's going to be happy. And she's great so she's going to be good at whatever she does."

Posh Spice, 35 -- who will appear in one episode of Season 9 -- said she couldn't turn down the opportunity, which came one day after Abdul announced she wasn't returning.

"I am beyond excited!" Beckham said. "When I got the phone call, I just couldn't believe it. I feel like I got the best job that there is... I'm
still grinning from ear to ear, and I'm going to try hard to pout and not shatter the illusion that I'm a moody cow, but I don't know if I can -- I'm
just so happy."

Beckham, who has brought her family -- husband David Beckham and sons Brooklyn, 10, Romeo, 6, and Cruz, 4 -- to watch the show, joked that despite her stoic demeaner, she plans to maintain Abdul's dynamic as the "really sweet" judge.

"I want to be nice to people," she said. "I know how it feels to be stood there and be judged and how it can feel when nerves get the better of you, and I don't want to shatter anybody's dream. But at the same time, there's nothing wrong with a little bit of constructive criticism. It's doing it
nicely, because even those that are bad, they don't know that they're bad and who am I to shatter that?"

She is also anxious to sit alongside Simon Cowell.

"He is the only man in the music industry who turned down the Spice Girls and said, 'We would never work,'" she revealed. "But I have so much respect for him... I like the fact that he's honest. I think he's very funny. He has a very tongue-in-cheek British sense of humor, which I have to, so I'm looking forward to a little bit of banter. I hope he does give me a little bit of a hard time. I feed off of that."

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Leelee Sobieski

On a not unusual day in the early 90's, the Trevor Day School cafeteria was busy feeding a mixture of children and teachers, but on this seemingly normal day there happened to be a casting director with a sharp eye for talent among the mix. Though unbeknownst to anyone, this casting director was about to spark a change in a young girls life.

Leelee Sobieski was just a preteen, but she held a vision - instilled in her by her artistic parents - of what she thought she'd become. Like many her age, she could recite a long list of possible career choices, and those in the top running were following in her parents footsteps. Her dream was to be a writer like Elizabeth, her mom, or a painter like Jean, her father. However when the casting director approached her in her New York City school, Leelee became curious about acting.

"They asked me to come into the casting director's office and meet with them," Leelee says. "I was absolutely awful. I didn't do a very good job. But that's not important. I thought: 'Well, that's kind of strange and I really sucked but it is kind of amusing that, out of the blue, I get asked to do this when it's the last thing I expected, so I might as well give it a try.' And that was kind of my approach. If, all of a sudden, something changes in one direction, I'll give it a try. And then, if it works, go for it. If not, then change to another direction. Then I took some acting lessons and started to like it more and more."

Before long Leelee was getting parts in commercials and guesting in TV shows. What started as a fun curiosity, was becoming a new creative outlet, and was starting to change her life.

Leelee was born in New York City as Liliane Rudabet Gloria Elsveta Sobieski on June 10, 1983. Her birth name is rich with her French and Polish heritage. "Liliane is the name of my father's mother," says Leelee. "It was a little too serious and formal for a little girl. So they called me Leelee. Elsveta comes from my mother's side of the family. It's Elizabeth in Polish."

Leelee grew up in New York City's Upper West Side, and spent time in France with her father's family. "We were never very wealthy," she says "but we had the luxury of going to Häagen-Dazs and getting ice cream. Those little, childish, sweet luxuries."Besides ice cream, her parents helped her and her brother Roby (born 1989) to appreciate the culture that surrounded them. At a very young age Leelee went to art galleries and attended Shakespearean plays. "My parents are my best friends," says Leelee. "They kept me very protected, so I couldn't get hurt physically or emotionally by anybody."

The Sobieski family is a direct descendant of Polish royalty. "Many generations back," says Leelee, "there was a king in Poland and he was my great great great great Uncle. The Bagel was [invented] for him. A Jewish baker made it for him, in the shape of a saddle."

Leelee currently studies at Brown, Providence. "It's really nice. I'm living in a dorm room and I've got a roommate. I didn't know her until I got to the school and she's really nice... I'm happy to get away from actors. That doesn't sound right. It's nice to be with "real" people... It's nice to get away from the film industry. It's very exciting but it's also kind of a fake place and it is "la-la land". It is Hollywood but college isn't a real environment either. It's like a bubble but to be in a different bubble is nice. "

When Leelee's busy life gives her a short break she enjoys the diversions of painting, writing poetry, and collecting key chains and locks of hair from her costars. The 5' 10" blue eyed young woman has achieved more in her years than some actresses do in a lifetime, but traveling at a pace that would make Richard Petty proud is just what Leelee intends to keep doing. Among her future goals remain her originals. She still wants to paint and write, but she adds to her ambitions to be a screenwriter and a director. She says, "[In 25 years] I'll be married, I'll have 2 kids - boy and a girl. I will have directed five movies, if not more. I will have had many expositions. I will be with my kids all the time. I will travel a lot. I won't be acting as much as I am now - maybe just one movie a year. I'll be creating; I don't know what, maybe designing chairs or something!"

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Kim Kadarshian bikini at beach

Melissa Rycroft

This is Melissa Rycroft. She used to be a cheerleader with the Dallas Cowboys, and hails from that fine state of Texas.

But much as we love cheerleaders, that's not how we know her.

Rycroft was a contestant on Season 13 of The Bachelor. She actually earned Jason Mesnick's final rose and enjoyed a few weeks of happiness. Until he dumped her on national TV for another Bachelor suitor, that is. Ouch!

Melissa quickly became a national sensation, though. Her first step after having her heart broken for all to see? Rycroft joined season eight of Dancing with the Stars. She performed very well on it, finishing in third

Battle to control Jackson's fortune begins

His mother took the first step Monday when she petitioned the Superior Court of California to be named the administrator of the late singer's estate. Katherine Jackson said in the filing she was acting to ensure Michael Jackson's three children are the beneficiaries.

It's the opening salvo in a complicated battle for a fortune that includes a lucrative music catalog of the King of Pop's own hits, the rights to songs by the Beatles, and the Neverland ranch that could one day be a tourist attraction.

There's even an elaborate video production, dubbed the "Dome Project," that was overseen by Jackson and finished two weeks before he died.

The high stakes and array of people involved will likely make the fight far more convoluted than recent high-profile squabbles over the estates of singer James Brown and ex-Playboy playmate Anna Nicole Smith.

"There's no doubt that there's going to be a big battle," said Alexis Martin Neely, a Los Angeles-based estate attorney. "It's going to be very messy and I don't see anything comparing to this."

Complicating matters is that few, if any, people know all the details of the reclusive entertainer's financial affairs. His mother's filing, for example, declares that Jackson died "intestate," or without a will. But that is in dispute. Another person with knowledge of Jackson's business matters told The Associated Press last Friday that there is a will, which would take precedent in court. That person spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the material.

Becoming an estate administrator "puts a vast amount of power in one person's hands," said Roy Kozupsky, a lawyer with Smith, Gambrell & Russell. The person would have the power to sell assets, make deals and determine how to pay off creditors, he said.

At stake is Jackson's 50 percent ownership in Sony/ATV Music Publishing, a company itself estimated to be worth $2 billion; Jackson's own recordings and songwriting rights, which could be worth more than $150 million; and his joint ownership of the Neverland ranch.

Katherine Jackson said in her filing she intends to use the estate's assets for "the exclusive use of the decedent's (Jackson's) three children." But the filing could also be the first move in contesting the validity of a will, if there is one, Kozupsky said.

Jackson, who died Thursday at age 50, left behind three children: son Michael Joseph Jr., known as Prince Michael, 12; daughter Paris Michael Katherine, 11; and son Prince Michael II, 7. The youngest was born to a surrogate mother, while the first two were born to ex-wife Deborah Rowe.

The list of potential parties seeking a piece of Jackson's estate is long, ranging from financial firms to the companies involved in his planned comeback. Among them is AEG Live, the concert promoter that booked Jackson for 50 sold-out performances at London's O2 arena starting next month.

AEG Live reportedly gave Jackson a $20 million advance, which it may seek to recover from the estate. AEG Live declined to comment.

How much AEG can recover will likely depend on the wording of insurance policies it took out and whether they included protection against "medical conditions or another event," said Mary Craig Calkins, a partner at Howrey LLP who handles insurance recovery cases for TV and film productions.

The promoter took out about $18 million in insurance through Lloyd's of London, according to a person familiar with the matter who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to comment.

A big part of determining what the estate is worth and how much it owes in taxes will depend on how much Jackson owed to creditors. Estimates put the tally around $400 million.

The federal government will be able to collect around 45 percent in tax on the value of the estate's assets, minus its debts and administration costs including attorney fees.

It appears that the most valuable assets will likely remain in the estate's control.

The Sony/ATV stake and 100 percent of Mijac, the company that controls Michael Jackson's own music, were held in a trust whose beneficiaries are Jackson's children. That trust is safe from creditors, said Al Malnik, its former trustee and Jackson's business adviser from 2002 to 2005.

"The assets were protected through the trust against creditors," Malnik said Monday.

Jackson used those assets as collateral to secure $200 million in loans from Bank of America in 2001. He then refinanced several times. Malnik said the loan total reached $275 million by the time he quit as trustee in 2005. Fortress Investment Group LLC, which took control in 2005, sold the loans off entirely "over a year ago," said company spokeswoman Lilly Donohue.

It is unclear who holds the loans now, but one candidate is Colony Capital LLC, a Los Angeles real estate firm owned by billionaire Thomas Barrack, which also set up a joint venture with Jackson to own Neverland, the 2,500-acre property in Santa Barbara County that once included amusement park rides and zoo animals.

Barrack had lunch with Jackson brothers Jackie, Jermaine and Tito on Saturday at Neverland.

Jackson's estate is still growing through record sales and songwriting rights.

So far this year, some 297,000 of his albums have sold in the U.S., and that's not including last week, when sales spiked in the wake of the singer's death. Jackson's existing works will continue to sell well, said Keith Caulfield, senior charts manager for Billboard magazine.

"He's good for at least a half a million albums a year," Caulfield said.

Songwriting rights also keep earning revenue. Jackson wrote many of the songs he recorded including "Beat It," "Bad," and "Black or White."

For the past three years, Jackson has ranked among the top-earning 100 U.S. songwriters for royalty payments collected by Broadcast Music Inc.

"Michael Jackson is the number one international songwriter in the world for BMI. He is it," BMI chief executive Del Bryant said, adding that use of the singer's songs outside of the U.S. earn more than $1 million dollars annually just for Jackson's share of the royalties.

Warner-Chappell Music, a division of Warner Music Group Corp., is Jackson's music publisher, meaning it promotes use of his songs and lyrics in commercials and TV shows. Jackson's own works, plus scores of song rights he purchased, gross several million dollars per year.

Jackson also owns the master recordings of his own albums such as "Thriller" and "Bad" and had a distribution deal with Sony, according to a person familiar with his finances, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the material.

The surge in interest in his music could inflate the value of assets held by his estate, and the tax bill owed to the U.S. government.

"Unfortunately due to his demise, the value of these entities has increased substantially," Malnik said,


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Karissa and Kristina Shannon Pose for Playboy

Hugh Hefner can't tell them apart. Will Playboy readers be able to?

Indeed, Karissa and Kristina Shannon are featured in the latest issue of the men's magazine. No shock there.

Somehow, though, the twins are clothed in the two photos that have been released.

n the new issue, Karissa and Kristina sport matching sailor hats and jean shorts, continuing their tradition of dressing alike and doing everything together.

Including Hef, of course.

“We feel as if we’re one. In each other we always have a best friend,” the twins said, failing to mention that in one another, they also have an old, wrinkled penis.

Cynthia Hampton Pictures: Lover to John Ensign, US Senator Admits to Love Affair with Staffers Wife

The woman said to have had a love affair with US Senator John Ensign has been identified as Cynthia Hampton.

Sen. John Ensign, a Republican party Senator from Nevada, told a press conference with a brief statement that he indeed had an extramarital affair with a woman a year ago. The Senator did not confirm his relationship was with former staffers wife, Cynthia Hampton, but reports suggest it was indeed her.

46-year-old Cynthia Hampton was a wife of a former senior staffer to Ensign. Cynthia Hampton had worked in various Republican party roles.
Wife of Sen. Ensign, Darlene Engisn.
Former staffer and husband of Cynthia Hampton, Douglas Hampton speaks to Las Vegas news reporter outside Hampton family home.

John Ensign admitted to violating his marriage vows in the statement, but still remains with his wife. He made no mention of his political future over the apparent love affair with Cynthia Hampton.

Doug Hampton, a former top aide to Ensign, is the husband of Cynthia Hampton. Doug and Cynthia Hampton both worked in Washington DC at the time of the love affair.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hillary Clinton Cancels Appearance With Angelina After Breaking Her Elbow

Hillary Clinton has canceled a meeting Thursday with Angelina Jolie after breaking her elbow.

"On the way to the White House late this afternoon, Secretary Clinton fell and suffered a right elbow fracture," her chief of staff Cheryl Mills said in a statement overnight. "She was treated at The George Washington University Hospital before heading home."

Clinton will have surgery next week.

She was supposed to join Jolie at a World Refugee Day event and present awards at the American Foreign Service Association.

Jolie, who recently finished shooting the spy thriller Salt, is still expected to attend the event. She is also slated to appear on CNN's Anderson Cooper 360.

On Wednesday, it was announced that the Jolie-Pitt Foundation has donated $1 million to the U.N. refugee agency providing aid to displaced people in Pakistan.

Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie Donate $1 Million to Refugees

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have donated $1 million to the U.N. refugee agency providing aid to displaced people in Pakistan.

The head of the agency, António Guterres, thanked the Jolie-Pitt Foundation for the generous donation, calling Pakistan's plight "the most challenging humanitarian crisis of the past decade." (More than 2 million people are currently displaced in the country.)

Since becoming a goodwill ambassador for the agency in 2001, Jolie has visited refugees in Pakistan three times. (She took Pitt with her on a 2005 trip.)

Earlier this week, her beau Pitt created the Pediatric Cancer Center, named after his mother, in his hometown of Springfield, Mo.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Surrogate Drama

Getting some fresh air and sunshine, Sarah Jessica Parker was spotted taking a jog in the West Village earlier today (June 17).

The “Sex and the City” babe gave herself a boost with an icy cool Starbucks beverage as she listened to her headphones and tried her best to ignore the paparazzi.

Paris Hilton Lands in Dubai

Once again traveling the world, Paris Hilton was spotted waiting to clear immigration as she arrived in the VIP area of Dubai International Airport on Tuesday (June 16).

Keeping busy with her career, the “My New BFF” starlet is in the middle east to film her new reality show, ‘Paris Hilton’s Dubai BFF’.

As for her supposed hookup with soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo, Miss Hilton told the Daily Mirror, “He’s a very nice guy - and an incredible athlete.”

Recently split from boyfriend Doug Reinhardt, the hotel heiress added, “We’re getting to know each other and I have to leave it at that.”

Britney Getting Married?

Star magazine reports that Britney Spears plans to wed her agent turned new boyfriend, Jason Trawick.

While vacationing in the Bahamas last month, a source reveals that the couple shared a special evening together and Jason popped the question.

The insider reveals: "He didn't exactly get down on one knee, but Brit didn’t care. She said yes, and they opened a bottle of champagne to celebrate. Jason held Britney for a long time and kissed her cheeks. They talked about their future for hours and didn’t go to sleep until after 3 a.m.! They just wanted to be alone together."


Apparently, Brit-Brit does not want to waste any time and plans on a December wedding immediately following the Circus tour. Unhappy with her last two weddings, a friend suggests that Britney wants to make this ceremony a "fairytale."

What? Vegas wasn't romantic the first time? Oh, and we bet K-Fed was super charming as he said "I do" between beer belches.

We're not completely on board with this story, but we'd like to see how it plays out!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Megan Fox Finishes Up Stay in Paris

Finishing up her stay in the City of Lights, Megan Fox was spotted jetting out of Paris, France on Saturday afternoon (June 13).

After hitting a few shops nearby her hotel, the “Transformers” beauty joined up with co-star Shia LaBeouf in boarding a private jet to make the next stop on their “Revenge of the Fallen” promotional tour.

As for what’s next for Miss Fox, rumors that the actress will be starring in a feature film for “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” have been denied.

Producer Roy Lee told Perez Hilton, “The rumours of Megan Fox being involved with Buffy are just rumours. As with any film project with a female lead under the age of 30, Megan is the actress that most studios want so it is no surprise her name is mentioned. While I think she would be great for our project, we are still in the early stages of developing the script.”